Research and Data Analytics


It is widely known that the basis for any research and analysis lies in the processing of data from different sources. The data on the development of the world economy, industry, and infrastructure, accumulated over the years, now provide the opportunity to answer numerous questions about the development capacity of countries, companies, and individuals.

However, the mere availability of huge amount of data does not guarantee that correct and qualitative solutions will be found for these questions. Two questions that are the forefront for analysts of Kazakhstani PPP center are: what is the correct solution and how to come to it?

By positioning ourselves as a leading Think Tank in infrastructure and PPP issues in Kazakhstan, we perform our work with a deep sense of responsibility for the results that customers, who accepted our recommendations, will reach. Therefore, our research and analysis contribute to the adoption by our customers from both, public and private, sectors more correct and beneficial decisions.


How do we achieve this?

Define goals and objectives

Properly defined goals and objectives allow us to conduct research and analysis with high quality in the shortest possible time. By adhering to the highest customer-focus standards, we work closely with our customers to identify their needs that allow saving time for us as well as for our customers without any negative impacts for the results.

Form possible solutions and choose the best

A thorough understanding of the global and regional processes in the field of infrastructure development and PPP, analysis of macroeconomic processes that take place in Kazakhstan, local and international regulations, government programs, and statistical indicators allow us to carefully consider every single situation and, on their basis, figure out maximum acceptable solutions.

Implement changes

Our research team constantly works closely with the leading members of ministries, agencies, local government offices, quasi-government and private companies, as well as international organizations and analytical centers. This gives us the opportunity not only to gain a deeper understanding of the real situation on the market and produce the highest quality solutions and advice, but also to offer and further to implement the necessary changes, additions and amendments to the existing system for the successful implementation of projects, aimed at attracting more investment and dynamic development of Kazakhstan's economy.