List of infrastructure objects of SEZ “NIPT”:


Is intended for washing of overalls of production and auxiliary personnel of enterprises located on the territory of SEZ.
Laundry capacity
– 500 kg of linen per day;
– About 12 tons of laundry per month
The laundry consists of such premises:
– Separation, reception, sorting and dry cleaning;
– Washing station;
– A repair patch for overalls;
– Drying and ironing department;
– Material warehouse.

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Repair and construction workshop with a garage.

The repair and construction workshop with a garage is designed to perform diagnostics, maintenance and current repair of mechanical equipment, general farm services of all residents of the SEZ “NIPT”. The annual volume of repair work (capital and current) may amount to 2% of the value of production assets of the SEZ “NIPT”.
The structure of the repair and construction shop includes such main areas:
– Blanking-welding section;
– Mechanical section;
– Section for check up and maintenance;
– Site for repair of electrical equipment and instrumentation.
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The solid household waste landfill(SHWL) is designed for industrial enterprises of the SEZ territory. The SHWL site has 2 categories.
During the period from 2017 to 2032, The accumulation of household waste in the amount of 9755.055 tons is assumed. The area of the solid waste landfill is provided taking into account the development of the SEZ and is 17 ha. Industrial waste will be exported from the SEZ territory by specialized organizations. The range will work in one shift, 5 days a week, with 24-hour security.
The range includes:
– Driveway;
– Administrative and economic zone;
– Storage area.
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Special economic zone “National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark” (SEZ “NIPT”) was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as at December 19, 2007 № 495 “On creation of special economic zone” National Industrial Petrochemical Technology Park”.
The purpose of creation of SEZ “NIPT” is a development and implementation of breakthrough investment projects with creation and development a world-class petrochemical production of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and the production of high value-added wide competitive petrochemical products.
Republic of Kazakhstan, Atyrau Region

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