<p><br /> In February 2021, Kazakhstan PPP Center JSC published 4 announcements on the website in order to attract alternative proposals of interest in the implementation of the PPP projects and 2 invitations to participate in the implementation of the PPP projects.<br /> 2 (two) projects in the Karaganda region, one project in Zhambyl, Turkestan and North Kazakhstan regions, as well as 1 republican project were published in various sectors of the economy.</p> <p>The applications for participation in the project is still ongoing for the following projects:<br /> 1. &nbsp; &nbsp;&laquo;Construction and maintenance of a polyclinic building for 500 visits per shift in Taraz of Zhambyl region&raquo; – until 15 of March this year;<br /> 2. &nbsp; &nbsp;&laquo;Construction and operation of multidisciplinary hospitals in the cities of Aktau, Atyrau, Aktobe, Kokshetau, Taraz and Pavlodar&raquo; – until 26 of March this year;<br /> In addition, the collection of alternative proposals for the implementation of a PPP project is relevant for the following projects:<br /> 1. &nbsp; &nbsp;&laquo;Opening of the Polyclinic in Temirtau&raquo; – until 5 of March 2021;<br /> 2. &nbsp; &nbsp;&laquo;IT Hub &laquo;Terrikonovaya Valley&raquo; – until 16 of March 2021;<br /> 3. &nbsp; &nbsp;&laquo;Opening of a hemodialysis center in Petropavlovsk of North Kazakhstan region&raquo; – until 16 of March 2021;<br /> 4. &nbsp; &nbsp;&laquo;Modernization and operation of canteens in the Centers are provided of special social services for disabled children, the elderly and disabled of I, II groups in the Turkestan region&raquo; – until 17 of March 2021.<br /> More detailed information of projects is available on the website</p>

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